Wheat Glucose

Glucose syrup is produced by hydrolysis (acidic and enzymatic) and from the breakdown of glucose molecules in starchy foods. Glucose is a type of carbohydrate and is a very good source of energy for the body. Glucose syrup contains more than 90% glucose. But the syrups used in confectionery have different amounts of glucose, maltose, and higher oligosaccharides, depending on the degree, and in most cases, they can have 10 to 43% of glucose. Glucose syrup is used in food for sweetening, softening the texture, and adding volume, thickeners, and moisture retainers, and since it does not crystallize, it is often used to prepare candy, chocolate, toffee and some sweets. Also, glucose syrup is used to produce jams, biscuits, cakes, bread, juice, desserts, fondant batter and tobacco. Glucose does not contain protein and fat and has high calories.

Corn Glucose

Corn glucose is a kind of mildly sweet sugar obtained from corn. It is obtained from the hydrolysis of corn starch by an enzymatic method. Corn glucose is made in the form of a thick liquid or in the form of solid granules. This syrup is used in various food and pharmaceutical products due to its high transparency, mild sweetness and suitable consistency. This colorless and odorless syrup is used in the production of all kinds of glue, shoe wax, tobacco and tobacco, chocolate making, ice cream, jam making, It is used in chewing gum, sauce, dairy products, drinks and desserts. The sweetness level of corn glucose is about 70% of sugar and depending on what materials are used in production, it has properties such as: increasing shelf life, creating concentration, texture It is uniform and consistent, smoothing, shiny appearance and preventing crystallization. Wheat and corn glucose are nutritionally similar and have the same health benefits, and neither of these two products contain significant vitamins or minerals. Glucose It is produced in the factory with different degrees of sweetness and the unit of measurement of its sweetness is DE.

Glucose Syrup

Also known as confectioner's syrup, this high-quality liquid sugar is one of the most useful confectionery ingredients. Ready to use straight from the tub helps avoid sugar crystallization in ice creams, sorbets, caramels, nougats, and spun or pulled sugar decorations. With medium viscosity and a medium freezing point, Malt Products Glucose Syrup is perfect for sweetening, stabilizing, improving the volume, and adding mouthfeel to many desserts.

Glucose Powder

Powdered glucose can be used in place of its syrup counterpart to sweeten and improve the texture of desserts and bakes. It's highly soluble, dispersing easily, and doesn't crystallize. This ready-to-use powder is also resistant to freezing, making it a great choice for ice cream and sorbet recipes. It has a lower level of sweetness compared to other sugar alternatives, so won't dominate the flavor profile.

Premium Quality

Charactristics :

Glucose syrup is produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of starch with DE=40-42, DS=79-79.5 or DE=60-65 Brix=80-80.5, and its main application is in the pharmaceutical industry and the industries of candy, chocolate, pastille, gum production. and so on...
Comply with standards

Flavor enhancer
Accelerating natural fermentation
Improving the commercial quality of the product
Acidity=< 0.6 ml
Water=< 21%
Residue on ignition=< 0.5%
Heavy metals (Iron)=< 10 ppm

DE60 :  60-65

DE40:   40-42

Conductivity=< 100 μs/m

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Glucose is a product of starch hydrolysis.


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