Fructose syrup also known as Corn syrup containing fructose is a clear, sweet liquid without any annoying taste and has more useful properties than other sweeteners. Due to the advantages that this syrup has compared to other sweeteners, it has attracted the attention of many industries and consumers. Corn syrup containing fructose has the effects of sweetening, increasing osmotic pressure and maintaining moisture, and also plays a very important role in the shelf life of food products. Therefore, corn syrup containing fructose can be considered as a natural sweetener with a high preservative effect.

Corn syrups contain different amounts of fructose and glucose monosaccharides, which are introduced based on the amount of fructose. Two common types of fructose syrup include 42% and 55% fructose syrup, which are introduced as HFCS42 and HFCS55. Each of these compounds show different properties based on the amount of fructose. In order to achieve some technological properties, amounts of glucose and fructose monosaccharides are mixed with each other in order to have better and more applicability. Among these mixtures, corn syrups containing different percentages of fructose can be mentioned.

Premium Quality


Processed fruits (Jams and compote)

Bakery products
Ice cream and dairy products
Sauces and dressings

Functional properties

  • sweetener
  • Improved texture and longer shelf life
  • Maintaining the moisture and texture of products
  • Improving color and taste and good mouth feel
  • Low glycemic index

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Fructose is a natural sweetener and is used as a syrup in various food and pharmaceutical industries as the best substitute for sucrose.


  1. FR 10
  2. FR 20
  3. FR 30
  4. FR 42
  5. FR 55

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