Monohydrate Dextrose Powder

- Medicinal grade
Dextrose Monohydrate is moderate in sweetness. It is 65-70% as sweet as sucrose and has a solution, which is much less viscous than Liquid Glucose. DMH is freely soluble in water at room temperature and also in boiling alcohol.

The perceived sweetness can be increased to the level of sucrose in some Dextrose/Sucrose blends. Dextrose has a greater depression of freezing point than that of cane sugar, resulting in a smoother and creamier texture of the final product like in frozen food products.

- Food grade
This product is produced in accordance with the latest USP standard in the industries of chocolate, pastilles, candies, chewing gum, bread and sweets, biscuits, fruit juices, energy drinks, sausages and burgers, chips, fermentation, and vinegar industries. is being used.


Food Grade: Dextrose Monohydrate is purified and crystallized D-glucose. It contains one molecule of water of crystallization. It exists in white, odorless, crystalline granules having a bland and sweet taste.

- Anhydrous Dextrose Powder

  • Medicinal Grade
  • Food grade

Dextrose anhydrous is also known as “Anhydrous dextrose” or “Corn sugar anhydrous” or “Anhydrous sugar”. It is a simple carbohydrate that is directly absorbed into the blood. It is purified and crystallized D-glucose and the total solids content is not less than 98.0 percent m/m. It has a glycemic index of 100%. It is a colorless, odorless white powder that is less sweet than cane sugar; soluble in water, and partially soluble in alcohol. In its crystalline form, this natural sugar has long been used both as a sweetener and as a filler for oral dosage forms.
Dextrose anhydrous is crystallized alpha-glucose obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of corn starch.
Its sweetening power is 67% sucrose.
The chemical formula of the above product is C6H12O6. This material has a melting point of 146 °C,
The density is 1.562 g / cm³ and is soluble in cold water.

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Charactristics :

Food Grade
Medicinal grade

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Based on  standards

White crystalline Powder


7.5-9.5% (Monohydrate)

=< 1% (Anhydrous)

Assay (HPLC TEST)97.5-102%
Impurities (HPLC TEST)=< 0.5%
Heavy metals (Iron)=< 5ppm
Conductivity=< 20 μm/s
pH(5% W-V solution)3.20-6.50

Freely soluble in water,

sparingly soluble in ethanol (95%)

Acidity (ml of0.1 N NaOH/6gm)=< 0.15 ml
Ash Sulphated %=< 0.10 %
Sulphates=< 200 ppm
Chlorides ppm=< 125 ppm
Arsenic (mg/Kg)=< 1.00 ppm
Heavy Metals=< 5 ppm
Bacterial Endotoxins (5% W-V solution)=< 0.5 EU/ml


Dextrose is a simple sugar made from corn and is chemically identical to glucose. Dextrose is often used in food products as a sweetener and is commonly found in products such as processed foods and corn syrup. This substance is also used in medicine.

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