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September 9, 2020
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October 13, 2020

Our Services

Carrying out all activities including examining demands and responding to existing demand in international markets, including:

  1. Conducting marketing research to identify the needs of the target market
  2. Determining the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the product required by the target market
  3. Identification and selection of a skilled and experienced supplier and manufacturer
  4. Negotiation to obtain the necessary certifications
  5. Accompanying suppliers on how to improve the production process of each specific product.
  6. Providing after-sales services to customers
  7. Preparation of documents and certificates needed for the export of goods according to the customer's needs.
  8. Presenting requirements and proposals for branding and packaging of export products.
  9. Determining the exact costs of insurance, transportation and ...
  10. Providing consultation to products - goods or services procing
  11. Coordination of transportation
  12. Coordination of financial transactions
  13. Risk management of payments and obligations of the parties


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